Names Tom Meek President & Managing Editor (Originally Published Jun 16, 2014)

LAjazz_Square-Logo-NoBorder-100x100-300dpi-1June 16, 2014, Southern California’s number one resource for jazz music, today announced that Tom Meek has reached an agreement with the family of the late founder Michael Heilpern to become President and Managing Editor of Meek has served as’s Editor since 2011, and will assume responsibility for all day-to-day operations of as of July 1, 2014.

Michael Heilpern. a lifelong jazz fan and amateur musician, began in 2004 from his offices in Claremont, California as part of Highpoint, Inc., a web design, hosting, and printing company, and continued to develop the site until his untimely death in February, 2014 at the age of 63.

Michael’s wife Linda Heilpern said “I truly appreciate Tom stepping up and offering to take over Michael put a lot of love into this site, and I am very grateful it is going to continue.”

Michael’s brother Slim Heilpern, a musician himself, said “Tom’s extensive connections in the Southern California jazz community have been a major asset to He and Michael both had a fundamental desire to help audiences find the great music that’s happening here nearly every night of the year, support the musicians that play jazz, and help the venues across Southern California that offer live jazz music. I’m absolutely delighted that Tom has offered to step in and pick up where Michael left off, this is a big win for the jazz community.”

Tom Meek commented “Michael Heilpern dedicated much of the last ten years of his life to building into the finest online jazz resource serving a single market anywhere in the world. It was a genuine labor of love and something he rightly took considerable pride in. I’m grateful the family is willing to allow me to carry on that legacy.”

Meek added, “I’ve seen the tremendous amount of work that’s gone into building both the website and the mobile site designed for smartphones, now more than 20% of’s audience. I want to build on the foundation Michael created and expand the reach of through new strategic alliances, enhanced sponsorship and advertising opportunities, greater use of social media, and a wider range of content from the local community and beyond. I hope to have a major announcement of our first new strategic alliance in the next few weeks.”

The full text of the official announcement is here:

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to be given the opportunity by the Heilpern family to continue the work of Michael Heilpern, who I had the honor of knowing beginning in 2007. There has been considerable uncertainty about the future of since Michael’s untimely passing, and I want to assure our many thousands of regular readers, along with our dozens of advertisers and sponsors, that will continue for the foreseeable future. I hope to build on the legacy that Michael left, and will be announcing new features, content, and other opportunities for readers and advertisers in the coming months. There are some genuinely exciting opportunities on the horizon for to expand our reach with audiences and musicians in truly unique ways I hope will benefit both our readers and advertisers.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank Michael’s wife Linda and his brother Slim for their considerable help and assistance, through a personally very difficult and challenging time, in allowing me to continue  I’d also like to thank Cheri Olivas and Caitlyn Stephenson of the staff for their efforts on behalf of in serving both advertisers and the entire Southern California jazz community.

Tom Meek
President & Managing Editor

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